help me make a decision part 2

hey guys, thanx for the previous helps from you guys!
i finally narrawed down to two gfx card for my new system, but it's tough to pick which scenario I should go with.

I can either get

ATI Radeon 9500 Pro ($289) & ANTEC SLK3700AMB case ($104)
Radeon 9600 Pro ($259) & Antec LANBOY case ($149)

Which combination will give me the most bang for my buck? should I go for more expensive gfx card and cheaper case or more expensive case and cheaper gfx card?

what option will u pick?

*note* the weight of the case doesn't really bother me, i just need a case that has good power supply and cooling flow.

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  1. Are those prices Canadian? If not, you can get WAY better prices on those vidcards. Anyway, it really depends on what you need. Which case do you like better? Which would you rather have on your desk? And for video, which would better suit your needs? The 9500pro is faster out-of-box, but the 9600 Pro overclocks like a mofo.

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  2. It's close, but I'd go 9500 PRO.

    Those 8 pipelines are sure to come in handy in future games...
  3. hey, thanx for the help.

    I am not planning to overclock. As for the case, both Lanboy and slk are the same, except lanboy is aluminum and slk is steel. I don't really care about the "look" or "weight" of the case. I actually perfer heavier case, so it's less easily to be jacked in my dorm.

    I heard aluminium case is better at cooling than steel case? is it true? if so, is there a big difference?

    my mind tells me i should go with cheaper case, and more expensive gfx right now.
  4. If you don't plan to overclock and you don't care too much about the case then go the 9500 Pro route.

    Tit for tat, butter for fat, ATi's dog kicks nVidia's cat

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  5. yeah, i just wonder if having an aluminum case has a great advatange over a steel one in a long run
  6. Nah, unless you carry it places... Doubt you notice any difference, and even if you did, that difference would be nominal.

    Tit for tat, butter for fat, ATi's dog kicks nVidia's cat

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  7. The 9500 pro comes with a dvi to vga adapter and svideo to composite adapter, the 9600pro doesn't come with it. If you don't care about a slightly older graphic card, get the 9500, comes with more stuff.
  8. Based on those options I'd say...
    A Sis Xabre and a ThermalTake Xaser case! :tongue: Just kidding. What? I like the letter X!

    Go with the 9500P and the cheaper case. The difference between the cases is minimal unles you get a better case. And the Al vs Fe isn't a big issue. It would be if you wanted to insanely overclock and then you would want to OC both the CPU and GPU. The main question is are you willing to risk it all with an OC (and not all 9600Ps are the same in that respect), or do you want good guaranteed performance?
    I say go with the 9500P, and I say that as one of he 9600P owners who HAS oc'd the rap out of the card. Go with the sure thing. BTW, I can get Lnboy locally for $139 <A HREF="" target="_new">(</A> and $135 t <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> so you may want to look around. And I've also seen the powered by ATI 9500P for much less than that. It's even $4 cheaper at for the retail one. Just FYI.

    But option 1 seems like the best one. IMO

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