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I have an hp dv6t 3100 laptop and i recently had it's hard drive replaced at the service center...i had taken a copy of the recovery partition which was on the hdd to an external hard disk..i did not have any software which could take an image of the system and had to quickly copy the partition to my external hdd using the basic right click copy paste i wanted to know how i can recover my laptop using the copy of the partition i made on the external hard disk...i do not have the hp recovery manager on my fresh install of windows 7 so i am not able to see any of the recovery contents as well...on properties it shows 18.5gb but when i open the folder it's blank... :cry:
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  1. anonymous1 said:

    i have read both the pages but i don't want to create a new system image...i just want to restore my system from the copy of the recovery partition provided by hp which i copied to my external hdd..
  2. If you are not able to get that to work, you can order Recovery Disk set from HP on their website for about $20 or so. However, as anonymous1 stated above, it won't have any data (pictures, documents, etc) that you had on there.
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