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We have an acer aspire 7535-5020 laptop - came preinstalled W7 and an ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics.
When we 1st got it, it played the few games that I liked with no problems. Bejeweled 3 and 2 and Twist. We got those through the acer games icon that connects to wild tagent.
Anyhow, they worked fine.
Near the end of this year, we had 2 computer issues and I ended up doing 2 total factory reinstalls with my backup cd's.
My Bejeweled games are now very choppy and laggy in play.
Any suggestions as to what to look for and hopefully, in simple english. LOL Spock or Data, i am not.
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  1. Go to Acer's support site, download and install the video drivers for your model. Should fix things. The issue may be the internet also, you can try using a different web browser. Firefox should work with your games as well as I.E.
  2. We uninstalled the driver, went to AMD because Acer's site doesn't seem like it has any support for anything, reloaded the graphics driver and still have the same problem.
    The versions of Bejeweled that I have are downloaded onto the computer - purchased through the Wild Tangent thing, so I'm often not connected to the internet when we play anyhow.
    The AMD site is very confusing to me, so technically above my head, that I am fearful of doing much more because I don't understand all that is says. The info might be right in front of my face, LOL, but I don't understand it.
    Have done a lot of reading online and seen things like driver update software (which you have to pay for) - we loaded a few of the test version and most of them seem to come up with anywhere from 8 - 22 drivers need updating. All of them do bounce the ATI Radeon on their list. We uninstalled those test programs - don't want to pay and not sure of their safety either.
    Some sites seem to suggest removing the AMD driver and letting windows pick one out generically. Don't know if that is an option that we should try? I suppose it won't do any harm and I could try it tonite when I get home from work, unless anyone has a better suggestion.
    We don't really use our laptop for other games, once in awhile the card games that came on it and I do have an old version of SIM city 3000 that I tinker with when I need some stress relief. that one seems to work fine except for crashing if you get to adding too many wheat fields to quickly but it did that on my old HP pavillion that ran win 98 as well.
    I'm not comfortable with all the tech, as you can tell we jumped from a Win 98 to a Win 7 with the laptop so I feel very left behind in the world of computer speak.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks much!
  3. Do not use any of the paid driver products. This should be the drivers for your system, just make sure you select your Windows version from the drop down. There are a few driver versions for things there, get the latest number ones.
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