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Hi ppl
I have just upgraded from a Matrox 450 to a Radeon 9800Pro from Sapphire. The problem is it shows artifacts and crashes in the middle of the games (so far i tried it on MOHAA, GTA Vice City, Combat Flight Sim 3).

I have an AMD 1900+ On a MSI KT333 Ultra ARU and 512 Ram. I´m considering updating the bios, but i would rather not risk killing my board. The CATALYST driver version is 3.5.

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  1. Try getting the latest drivers from ATI.
  2. I tried the drivers from Sapphire and ATI, and now i have installed the driver downloaded dirrectly from the ATI site.
    CATALYST 03.5 acording to the version information from the control panel.
  3. Its probably heat, but try going into your bios and turning off fast writes and video bios cacheable, although they are probably not the culprit. I would say heat

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  4. How big is your PSU? The 9800pro is extremely power hungry. So even a solid 350w psu might not be enough.


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  5. Well, i touched the ram and the heatsink on the radeon and they felt pretty hot. The thing is, if the cooling system on the card does not do its job, what can i do to reduce the heat buidlup?
  6. My PSU is a 350w, you think i should go for a 400?
  7. What brand of PSU?
    About the cooling issue. Get a 80mm fan blowing air directly at both the card and partially at the northbridge.

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  8. The PSU brand is "Yes Technologies" doesn´t sound too good :-)
    I live in Portugal, so perhaps we don´t even have the same brands available.
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