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Why are Dell's and HP's business computers so much more expensive than the home computers? Home computers give more way more specs vs the business lineups but yet, the business lineup are far more expensive.
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  1. 1. Businesses can afford to pay it, so profit margins are higher (BUT are always discounted, especially in quantity).
    2. Business systems are built with higher quality (not necessarily faster) stuff. If they croaked, businesses would learn quickly not to buy them, so reliability must be high. Everything but the graphics card is also going to be worked a lot harder than a typical home PC. You think home users don't clean out dust and perform routine maintenance? Some businesses plop PCs down on desks and don't touch them again unless they fail.
    2a. Consumers "consume," businesses watch every penny. Consider how often people around here upgrade and replace parts; who cares if they're only good for a year or two? Businesses may not replace PCs until long after they are technically obsolete. My work place still had some PIIIs until only about a year or so ago. Business PCs need to be built to last.
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    Also Business warrantys are usually for much longer and can include call out or maximum fix time..

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  3. Well said above. Business-class computers come in a broad range of quality and thus price. However, generally, the reason most business desktops and laptops are more expensive than the consumer side is two main factors, quality and support.

    For instance, take a look at the HP Envy line of laptops, their higher end consumer computers, compared to the HP EliteBook laptops, their higher end business computers. The Envy is made from a mostly plastic chassis based on a non-corporate chipset and cheaper components (normally this includes a cheaper Broadcom NIC/Wifi, cheaper RAM, lower quality display, etc.) However, an EliteBook for around the same cost has a very solid metal chassis, high quality display panel, higher-quality hard drives and other components, and to top if off are often covered by a three year warranty instead of the standard one year that comes with consumer grade equipment.

    From a user experience, as well, the business-class computers come with a lot less of the pre-installed junk. I can't tell you how much time it saves and just how nice it is to get in a desktop or laptop and not have to spend two hours either completely cleaning up the OS or reinstalling a fresh clean installation of the OS.
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