Installing Second Windows(7) on Win 8 pc

i have win 8 installed on my pc , but it doesn't support many applications and drivers . But i don't wanna go back completely to Previous windows.

I have 2 HDDs and i want to install windows 7 on my second HDD ( but my C: drive is full and i can't install new one on it). Can i install a new win on any other drive ? i think other partitions are virtual.

How can i Have both windows on my pc with new windows installed on other partitoin than C: drive?
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  1. Hi :)

    You need to explain better.... I have no idea what you just said ??

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yes, you can dual boot multiple Windows versions on the same machine. Personally, I find it easiest to physically disconnect the other drive while you setup the older version of Windows. Makes things much easier.

    When you want to boot to Windows 7, hit the key that bring up the boot menu when you turn your system on and select the appropriate hard drive. If you want to start Windows 8, simply let it run.
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