Windows Xp keeps restarting during installing!

I got 2.0ghz 400fsb and IT7MAX.

Windows xp keeps robooting itself during setup. After finish copying the "essensial files" to hard drive. It restarts and then keeps repeating restarts itself.

can you list what are the possible problems are?

The CD is fine. The hard drive is fine. I tried to laod BIOS as default and optimized. I replace different power supply unit with Pen4 compatible one. I use Thermaltake Volcano 7+, so it is pretty cool. None of these working.

I also has another max2v2 system with 2.8ghz 533fsb and it installs win xp just fine. I tried to use this harddrive to install on the 2.0ghz system and it still reboots but works on 2.8ghz. Don't know what the problem is.

I wonder if it is the fSb or the chip problem or the memory setting in the BIOS. I have Crucial DDR266 memory with 256 and 512 stick.

I also bought another Biostar board just to see if it works. It gives me the same problem. Can't install win xp. It keeps restarting during setup. Still don't know what cause the system instability.
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  1. 1) Try installing Windows again completely from start
    2) Backup..Prey and hope you got everything you needed...Format...then install..

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