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abit siluro fx5800 any good?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
June 25, 2003 3:08:21 AM

I've been looking around at video cards for about a week now. I'm leaning towards buying the Abit Siluro FX5800 DOTH (non-deluxe) card. Is this card any good? I'm really liking it because it seems to be really powerful and I can get it for a little over $300 which is pretty much my limit.

I'll take any suggestion for another card, I just need it to fit a few requirements. I really want to go with nvidia and not ati, only because I'm getting an nforce 2 board and it would be really weird. It has to have vga, dvi, and tv out, and as I already said it has to be not too much more than $300. Also I would prefer to get a card that supports AGP 8X, since that's what the nf7-s supports I think it is good to use everything I'm paying for.

So, is the FX5800 really the chip to go with? Does Abit make graphics cards as well as they make motherboards? Is there another board maker or chip I should look at? I'm willing to take any and all suggestions, because they are probably much more informed than mine is.


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June 25, 2003 3:16:35 AM

Listen closely, I'll say this once: SCREW THE 5800 ALTOGETHER! Oh hell, I'll say it again. SCREW 5800! Seriously dude, don't buy it. It ain't worth it. $300 the answer is clear: ATi 9700 Pro. ATi cards work just fine in nForce2 mobos. I know you may not want to, but it seriously is the best deal for $300. If you MUST have nVidia, then the 5900 Ultra is the only high end card worth buying. All the other mid- and high-end card categories are taken by ATi.

$160 = 9500 Pro
$180 = 9600 Pro
$200 = 9700
$300 = 9700 Pro
$350 = 9800 Pro 128mb
$500 = 9800 Pro 256mb/GeForceFX 5900 Ultra

There it is, my man, choose wisely. Notice the lack of all the GeForceFXs except the 5900.

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June 25, 2003 4:48:37 AM

I'd have to agree with daddywags, the Ati's are the strongest and then the only new nvidia worth buying is the 5900. I've been reading all the post about the GeforceFX series and they are not doing as good as the Ati's in most applications. The 5900 is the only card in the Fx series worth buying right now.

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June 25, 2003 5:07:27 AM

omg.... you people if he wants to get a GeForce card, help him don't blab about how superior ATi is. and nVidia cards not worth buying?? do you realise not everyone has the money to ditch out for a Radeon 9500 series, and yes the Ti4200 is better than pretty anything up to 9500 series. well in this situation he does have the money to buy a 9500/9700 which is probably what everyone will suggest but the thing is if he wants to get a nVidia, let him, sure they might not perform as well as the radeons but that doesn't mean they can't play most of the games now in a smooth fps.

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June 25, 2003 7:38:09 AM

Man I could not agree with you more. If he wants to get a 5800, it won't be the end of the world. And he will still get a fast card comparable to a 9700pro. Although it might run a little hot and make sure you are aware that these cards are well known for being anything but silent.

It also helps the market(albeit very little) so that Ati is forced to compete a little harder and not hold off on new technology.


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