Geforce2 GTS 32mb (oem) vs nforce2 IGP

I'm trying to decide whether I should scrap my GeForce 2 GTS 32mb agp4x and go with the IGP GeForce4 MX on the nforce2 motherboards, or whether I should keep it and get the nforce2 motherboard without the integrated graphics. I'm not a big gamer. Any thoughts?
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  1. Well if your not a big gamer then it wont matter too much. o the route that lets you save money.

    If you are a gamer then the sperate geforce2 is slightly better as u dont have to share ram or anything...

    Come to think of it... wouldnt it be cheaper getting the Nforce2 WITHOUT integrated graphics and just using the card you allready have?

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  2. Poobaa, surprisingly enough thats not true.

    The integrated igp is an mx440, and if you get 512 (2x256) mb of ram (dual channel baby!) and run it at 200mhz (400mhz ddr), it will perform better than a freaking 32mb geforce 2.

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  3. But he's not a gamer... think he should just save some money then...
  4. Hmmm. interesting
    But what about graphic intensive and membandwidth intensive stuff? Surely there MUST be a hit in there somewhere.

    I guess it just comes down to money then.
    How much does one save geting a Nforce2 without the IGP?

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  5. I plan to get the epox nforce2 board - it's $84 without the igp and $99 with the igp, for a difference of $15 at newegg (but for some reason the igp version is returnable only for same product, which I don't really like)
  6. I bet the GTS will perform better than the integrated chipset, just because it's memory is dedicated.

    If not better, right on Par... save the cash, dude.

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  7. unless someobody has a compelling argument against it, it looks like I'll skip the igp and go with the gf2 vidcard i already have. As long is the gf2 is not SIGNIFICANTLY worse, i'd rather save the money now and I can always get a better vidcard in the future if it seems I need one (and the longer I wait, the lower the prices will be on the current crop of decent vidcards). Thanks for everybody's help.
  8. Willamette teh GTS has DDR ram

    it would be faster


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