Touchpad suddenly isn`t working!

I Really hope i can find solution for my problem here.
So, the problem i have is that my laptops touch pad isnt working.

It isnt problem that it is locked, with some fn+F"number" key, or in my case the touchapd even blocs by tapping it twice at the top of the corner. Each time i boot my laptop, at the start it shows, "Mouse is not detected" press F1 to continue or F10 for BIOS options! I tried to reset BIOS to default , i reinstalled the touchpad drivers but it isnt just helping, and i think it isnt hardware problem of touchpad.

Once this thing with touchpad on this laptop happend, i even reinstalled windows for that, that didn`t helped me , but after week the touchpad suddenly started to work.

Now it happened second time, i dont know what is the problem, i really dont!

By the way im using HP ProBook 4530s, and its only 5 months old, still got warranty but i hope i just can fix it with your help.
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  2. What did you find out when you asked about this in the Dell Support forums?
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