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I am trying to decide between two laptops. One is a HP Pavillion dv6 with i7 2670, 2GB HD7690, and 8GB of RAM.

The other is

So my question is i5 with a 1.5GB GTX 560M or i7 with a 2GB hd 7690?

I don't care about anything but gaming, which would be better?

Any better solutions for 1100 or less?
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  1. Okay so after reading many reviews, I am going with a 560m. Does anyone have any recommendations on laptops in the 1100 or less price range with this card?
  2. I have the same hp laptop and find it plays most games ok on the low-medium graphic settings.

    I gave up playing games on it and built a desk top for approx the same price that plays most games on the highest settings. So can't really recommend it for gaming.
  3. oh an in general i7 doesn't add any extra grunt for gaming. So best to put that money into the GPU etc and go with the i5.

    Still imo you have to spend big money to get a laptop that could be considered a true gaming laptop, rather than just a laptop that can play games ok.
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