Class action lawsuit best buy computer liquid spills 2011

I have been reading many similar stories from Best Buy laptop purchasers. The computer is delivered for service and comes back with a voided warrantee stating that there was liquid spill damage. However, in almost all of these cases, the owner swears there were NO spills.
What recourse does a customer have, when it is the Geek's word against theirs? Any class actions lawsuits in the works?
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  1. Hello bewick;

    It would be hard for an owner to swear to anything more than 'no liquid spills that they know about.

    Was the laptop(s) ever looked at by an independent 3rd party computer tech to confirm the existence or absence of a spill?
  2. For laptops, I would purchase a drop/breakage plan if they offer one. Dell has that and I believe so does HP.
  3. Hi :)

    Ask for a picture of the "liquid spillage" ...

    I own a laptop repair company and there are ALWAYS marks so it can be photographed if its true....

    Having said that...there is a mobile phone company in the UK , that used the "we wont repair or replace it due to liquid spillage" with pictures...

    The problem was that they sent out THE SAME picture to hundreds of

    All the best Brett :)
  4. see that's what happens when you try to pee into empty 40oz beer can, because you wore on last raid boss wow. hehe

    anyway it's maybe due to, its impossible to clean up after you spill on laptop, (unless its water) the coke or any sugary drink will stay there forever.

    it's possible you spilled something year ago and it didn't cause any damage but you newer clean up,
    Now once they look behind keys and see all that sticky stuff, even thou it was not cause.

    Remember those geeks whipped into submission to avoid any warranty claims at all cost.
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