128 MB GeForce 5900 or ATI Radeon 9800 Pro?

Which 128MB 3D card to get? Price is NOT an issue. I've decided there's no way in hell I'm going to get the Nvidia or ATI 256 MB version.

I'm leaning towards the 5900, despite the fact I THINK the 9800 performs slightly better? Not sure. Fanboys need not respond.

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  1. I have been researching ATI for a week now and I just in fact ordered my very own 9700 non-pro... I am upgrading from a ti 200, I myself am an nVidia vet and with much consideration I have gone with ATI this time around. I think that the 5900 non-ultra 128 mb preforms slightly slower then the 9800 pro. From what I've seen the 9800's produce some pretty nice Eye candy compared to the 5900's non-ultra.

    The way I see it, there in the same ballpark.. if you want to stay with nVidia go with the 5900, but if you want the bang for your buck go with ATI.

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  2. wtf bump

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  3. When the "benchmark optimizations" are removed, the 9800 pro is on par with the 5900 ultra, so the question should be would you rather have a 5900 or 5900 ultra (equivalent).
    If however you want an out, changing from Ati to Nvidia or vise versa, is often not easy, and is best done with a clean install. No one will call you a candya$$ if you cop out. ( We'll just think it)
  4. 5900 is not a bad decision, since money ain't an issue.
    I think it is slightly faster than the 9800.
  5. Wrong, the 5900non-ultra is 'usually' slower than the 9800Pro. And definitely not worth any premium price. Heck for that class of card if money isn't an issue it's either the 5900Ultra or the 9800Pro, if money is a factor in ANY way (could ya use more memory? HD? BEER?)then the 9700Pro would be a smart use of funds. The 5900non-ultra just doesn't fit in from the the prices/performance I've seen so far.

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