Recommended graphic cards for gaming on laptop

I Want to know if its possible for me to change a graphic card for my laptop :x

My Laptop Is Lenovo G475
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    sadly no
    laptops are not very upgrade friendly. you can replace a cpu or ram, hard disk drive but not the graphic card. its integrated into the motherboard
  2. Thats Sad :( It is all Laptop's graphic card intergrated into the motherboard?
  3. axonsam said:
    It is all Laptop's graphic card intergrated into the motherboard?
    No, many premium laptops have dedicated graphics cards.
    They tend to cost more than laptops with just integrated graphics though.
  4. Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 14" notebook
    has the integrated HD 3000 graphics plus the Nvidia Geforce GT 550M dedicated graphics card.
  5. Is there anyway to limit the lag ? (Ex. Skipping Of Frames in Games)
  6. in G475? No.
  7. Or maybe..... yes, by a small amount.
    Changing the game resolution or changing the game's graphics/audio settings.
  8. So G475 Is More of surfing the net rather than playing Games?
  9. G475 is good for home office / home entertainment / schoolwork type workloads.
    For gaming it would have to be a poor choice because of the IGP.
  10. Well... i should get myself a new desktop for gaming then... Thanks For Your Time ! :)
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