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I have recently made my new PC from scratch, it came with a 350W PSU (in the case) . Other than this the spec is
MSI K7N2-L motherboard (nForce 2 chipset, LAN, USB2.0)
AMD Athlon 2400xp +
Radeon 9500 128mb
512DDR @ 2700
80GB Seagate, 60GB Maxtor
Windows XP Pro
CDRW (52x24x52) and a dvd drive and floppy

When i first set the system up it said i had not connected the PSU to the Graphics card, so i did, on realised the PSU was already connected i assumed the PSU must not be enough so swapped it for a 400W PSU, this worked and the computer ran fine ... at 100FSB only though, when i upped it to 133 it crashed every time after about 2 minutes (sometimes sooner) or whenever i tried to play a game. Again, maybe it was the PSU not being good enough so i baught a brand new 550W dual fan From Q-Tec. This worked at 133FSB until i tried to play a game again as the system crashed :(

Does anyone have any ideas why i cant run it at 133FSB when tryin to play a game or sometimes when simply booting up. COuld it be the G-Card not liking the nForce 2 chipset?? ANy ideas PLEASE help me!!
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  1. well i cant tell you much but i can say that i dont think it is your g-card not liking the Nforce or vice versa. i have a similar setup with the MSI K7N2 Delta - L except i have a 2500+ and the 9600 pro. i only run a 300 watt power supply but it is an antec true power. maybe you should try an antec or a brand that has worked in the past. i can overclock my cpu to 200mghz fsb with no problem at all, in fact the mainboard recognizes it as a 3200+ when i do this and it only runs a few degrees hotter (......few being 2 or 3) but maybe you should try another brand of powersupply that has worked for u in the past.
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