What are good video card temps and how to monitor?

I have the Hercules 3d Prophet II GTS 64meg video card.. yeah kinda old but I am putting a new Crystal Orb fan and heatsink on it because the stock one finally gave out after 3 years of 24/7 use. So what I am trying to figure out is the following two things:

1.) What is the acceptable temperture range for a video card to run? Such as I guess the cpu core of the video card?

2.) How do you monitor both the temperature of the video card along with the Fan rpm on the heatsink of the video card. I don't know if there is anything software based that can do this like Motherboard Monitor 5. But I would like something along the lines of MBM 5 which basically does the same thing for your video card as it does for your motherboard and cpu... is this possible?

P4 2.8c (800fsb), Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar (60 gig @ 7200rpm)
P3 850mhz (100fsb), Asus CUV4X, 620mb Micron PC133, WD 40gig 7200rpm
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  1. For fan speeds, you could maybe get one of those nifty front-panel bay devices, the ones with knobs & LCD displays? You should be able to plug in your GPU's fan into the unit giving you your speed.

    Alternatively, you could also connect your GPU fan directly into your motherboard, provided you have some kind of adapter (2pin to 3pin or whatever).

    Temperatures I don't know how to do, but am very interested in any comments :).
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