4X AGP Only, what Card?

I come here to get get great information and learn a lot, but obviously I am a newbie, so pls save the flames and forgive me in advance.

After tearing apart a couple of systems from an out of business training center, I managed to acquire a system with an Intel D845PESV board with a 2.4 gig processor to boot. According to Intel this board supports 4XAGP only. What would be THE BEST video card I should get for this board. If you must know what else is on system (without getting into too much detail):
- 2 512 meg DDR333
- current video card is Nvidia MX440 64meg

Main reason is to game online, I currently play Raven Shield and would like to get into others down the line. I also edit and create DVD's with my Sony DRU510A DVD burner, so the memory comes in handy.

Sorry if I seem inept, but I do appreciate your help!
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  1. 9700 non-pro
    9600 Pro

    most ati cards support 4x AGP along with 8x

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  2. Ditto

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  3. I highly recommend a VisionTek GeForce 4 Ti 4600 or the Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack! aka The Ultra 750-8X XP. The latter card is backwards capable with 4X and forward to 8X if you so wish to do so. Just my opinion. Bruce
  4. Radeon9700 beats Ti4600 by a lot..
  5. A local shop has the 256 meg version of GeForce FX 5600 for same price as 9600 pro...with my motherboard would it make a difference?

    Thanks again for your patience with me :). Love a place where you can get good professional info. quick!
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