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Hello, is there a way to find a serial number on a stolen lap-top? Someone stole my grand-daughter's computer but it is two-three years old & she doesn't have the paper work on it. She has several programs for college on it & has already missed an on-line test. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Mimi
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  1. Only way I know of is if it is documented somewhere, paperwork, package or registration with the manufacturer.
  2. Not unless it's documented from the purchase. There's no way to find it after the fact.
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  4. the serial number should be on the box. if she registered it online for the warranty they may have it. When filing the police report other identifying marks may help like a large scratch in a certain area. the user name may help but windows passwords are extremely easy to bypass and it could be changed or they could just wipe the drive.

    if she had any info like tax documents/passwords/credit card numbers make sure to do security freezes on her credit report watch for suspicious activity etc
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