My sony vaio laptop won't turn on!

I put my laptop to hibernation and when I came back a few hours later to use it again it won't turn back on! When I press the start button I can hear the laptop booth up but nothing comes on the screen! When I touch the on/of button again I can hear it turn off but nothing happens on the screen. Is there anything I can do to reset it or just shut it down properly and see if it works then?
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  1. Hey Claire,

    This definitely sounds like a hardware problem. Either the motherboard is failing, or ribbon cable connecting the internal LCD to the motherboard is loose, or has failed. To test this, grab an external monitor and plug it into your laptop (ask a friend to borrow one if you don't have another monitor on hand). Turn the system on. If you get an image on the external monitor, it's the cable between the internal LCD and the motherboard. If you don't get an image, then your motherboard has likely died.

    Either way, you're probably looking at calling the manufacturer for repair service if your laptop is still under warranty.
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