Best Accessories for a Laptop

I recently got my Lenovo Y570 15.6" computer and am loving it!

Now I am looking for some accessories to go with it.

Here are the things I am look for:
-A good cooling stand
-A good cheap wireless mouse that is accurate for gaming. Doesn't have to be the best though.
-And a cheap external hard drive to take advantage of USB 3.0. What brand do you recommend?

Thanks! And I am looking for cheap but with good quality :)
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  1. Hello to you too!
    Do you have a set budget by any chance?
    What I've come up with:

    Laptop cooling stand:

    Wireless Mouse: Still looking. The only ones I can find designed for gaming and are cheap (Under $50) are wired.

    External HDD:
  2. For laptop cooling stands I was trying to stay under $30. And the one you found looks really nice but I am going to use it as a dock as well. Not for my lap. So I would like extra usb ports.

    Wireless mouse, I was trying to keep under $30 aswell. Doesn't need to be the best. i just want accuracy.

    External hard drive, I was trying to keep under $90 and 500gb is plenty for me.

    Thanks for your time!!
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