System boots to Clone monitor mode (atiFireGL8800)

System boots up in Clone Monitor mode (atiFireGL8800)
I installed an Audigy2Platinum(internal) sound card a while back. I don't that this is related, but soon after this problem began:

My system will boot up in "Clone moniter mode" under:

This causes my system to startup at the lowest possible resolution and refresh rate. I have to manually go and select "Disable Clone monitor mode" under the dualscreen settings and restore my display resolution, etc... when this happens. It will boot fine after that , but the problem eventually occurs again and I have seen nothing else on my system to hint at how this is possible as I only have <one> monitor plugged in.

When this began, it occured rarely, but lately it has happened increasingly more often. (1 in 4 boots as opposed to 1 in 50 when this began months ago)

ATI tech has been absolutely useless. Any suggestions?

OS: WinXP Pro
CPU: P4 2.53 chip845g
Ram: 1 gig DDR333
Board: Asus P4b533-V (w/sound/lan)
Video: ATI FireGL8800 agp/128 (w/latest driver)
Display:Viewsonic19" P95f+b
Audio: Audigy2Platinum pci with front internal bay
HD: 2x WD Cavier 120gig (8mg cache)
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  1. get a Quadro or Matrox??? lol jkjk

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