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I have a dead hp pavillion dv2000 (dv2422ca). From what I can gather, it may need to be reflowed? I also have a working, but trashed (monitor and keyboard broken) pavillion dv9700 (dv9740ca). I was hoping someone might know if I can take the motherboard from the dv9700 and put it in the dv2000. ?? I know I can pull them apart and find out myself, but I was hoping someone could save me the work if it won't fit.

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  1. Don't see why not if the plastics look exactly the same. If the 9700 has an Nvidia GPU it might be advisable to modify the cooling when you have it in bits...
  2. This manual might help with part numbers for the dv9700
    But I didn't have much success hunting for the dv2000 manual
    If you google dv2422ca it finds info on, which may mean its an import
  3. the case of the 9700 is bigger (bigger screen) but I'm hoping the guts are still the same (fingers crossed)
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    Hmmm. Big difference! 14" to 17"... Little chance. How bad is the screen? I have a dv9700 and found a screen for it on Ebay. There's one here
    New keyboard about £14, thats the way I'd go. Good enough laptop, i'm running Win 7 on it quite happily...
  5. yeah, that might be my best bet. That or reflowing the 2000
  6. Hi :)

    The motherboards are Totally DIFFERENT...and wont fit anyway...

    Refloating (as we call it in the UK) is hardly worthwhile on a 2000 you do realise that refloating only works in around 50% of cases ?

    I wouldnt bother with a lappy that old....

    But up to you....

    All the best Brett :)
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