Better processor or better graphic card for gaming?


I'm basically interested in buying a new laptop and i've narrowed it down to 2 of them in my price range.

However, i've come to a stale mate. I have to choose between these 2 configurations:

1) i7 2670QM processor 2.20ghz quad core, nVidia geforce gt 540m graphic card, 8gb ram
2) i5 480M processor 2.66ghz dual core, nVidia geforce gtx 460m graphic card, 4gb ram

I'm mostly gonna be using the laptop for gaming and basic other activities (no video editing, 3d modelling or stuff like that). The games i'd be interested in are: MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2, and games like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Dota 2 and the ocassional high-end shooter like Crysis 2.

So, i'd like some advice...which is gonna be more effective for gaming? A better cpu (with a weaker graphic card) or a better gpu (with a weaker processor)?

Is the i5 480m a good enough processor to handle current games? Or is the i7 gonna provide a huge improvement?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Better graphics card always for gaming.
  2. You definitely want a better video card than CPU (unless it is a really crappy CPU).

    My choice is #2.
  3. Ok, but is the i5 480m a "crappy cpu"? Is it good enough for modern games? Is it gonna be a bottleneck?
  4. The i5 480m can beat any AMD mobile CPU at the same clockspeed. It's still a very recent mobile CPU.
  5. What is your budget? We might know of some better deals.
  6. NCIX tech tips cpu vs gpu:

    Like what all these people have said.., go with the gpu.
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