Installing Office 2007 on a new Windows 7 OS

I have Office 2007 and my new Windows7 laptop cd rom drive will not recognize the Cd due to compatabilty issues. Any suggestions as to how to target Windows 7 to recognize the program on the CD?
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  1. Office 2007 is supported by Windows 7 so the issue might be with the disc itself. Is it scratched anywhere that would prevent it from reading properly? You could try copying all of the setup files to your desktop and see if you can install that way. Just right click --> explore the disc and then copy all present files. Unless the disc just doesn't read at all, I'm not sure if you're just having issues installing or with not being able to read at all.

    Other than that, I believe it's possible to register your copy of Office 2007 with Microsoft's site and that will allow you to download the installation files. Hope this helps, if not let me know. I'll rack my brain another time or two.
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