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Hey guys I'm having trouble with my Laptop. It's a Fujitsu Siemens v5535 laptop.

I had wiped the HDD have intended on reinstalling windows but it always BSOD. It manages to get to the installing phase then after about 20% it Blue Screens.

So I took out the HDD and hooked it up to my main pc and installed windows XP on that then put the HDD back into the laptop. Now the laptop kind of works. It runs it but every now and then it will BSOD especially when I go on youtube or facebook.

Any ideas ? or ways I can know what is broken so it can be replace ?
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  1. The HD now has drivers on it for all your desktop components .... not going to run well with desktop drivers for laptop components.

    Run memtest86+ from before installing OS on laptop. Also does your laptop support the OS you are installing, if an older unit, may not support Win7
  2. Can you exclude overheating as the reason? Maybe monitor the CPU temperature during youtube playing.
  3. I would of thought the HDD would have complications (with it having some of my pc drivers) but I only did it to see if the HDD had problems
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