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Copy & Paste Function Not Working

Last response: in Windows XP
March 6, 2005 3:47:01 AM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

I cannot get my copy & paste function to work from the drop down menu, the
mouse or the hotkeys. I have lost this function so far in MS Word, Front
Page 2002, IncrediMail (email program), Paint Shop Pro 8 and I can't copy &
paste a web url into a window either. I have contacted Jasc (PSP 8) and HP
as they made my pc, to no avail. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated
everything on my pc and even upgraded to the XP SP 2 patch, hoping that it
would help. I ran adware, spyware, virus scanner, system file checker,
defrag and everthing else I could think of, and still can't copy & paste. I
was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem? Can you help me fix it?
I'm sure it's something like I accidentally pressed a certain mixture of keys
that did it, but I just don't know how to undo it. Any help would be greatly
appreciate. :)  Have a wonderful day. Thank you,
March 22, 2009 2:39:05 AM

I have the same exact problem and I also have tried everything. I can not copy and paste anything AND I cannot use my right click functions. Does anyone have a solution?
I've tried:
mouse diagnostics & a different mouse
Virus Scan
Registry Fix
System Restore
Reinstalling original dell Drivers, etc.
July 18, 2009 11:22:40 PM

I'm with the both of you.....same answers next computer will be a Mac...enough of Microsoft....they don't want you to have answers....they want you to buy a new computer with their software on it....$$$....I'm done with Microsoft....