Value quote for laptop

i am looking for a quote for my laptop:

Acer Aspire One 532h (NAV50)
Processor: Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz
GFX: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (GMA 3150)
HDD: 250GB
SYSTEM: Windows 7 Home Premium


2009 Acer laptop, is has a 10.1" screen, in-built webcam, bluetooth, Realtek High Definition audio, laptop is fully functional and working with only a few minor cosmetic scratches and chips on closing lid.
the laptop is only 2yrs old and bought it for $480 brand new.
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  1. Hi :)

    I own computer shops and a laptop repair company in the UK....

    Sometimes we buy laptops from customers...

    I will give my honest we couldnt buy it anyway as you are in the US...

    Firstly its NOT a laptop...its really a NETBOOK....

    I am amazed you paid that much for it as well....

    So..its a netbook with an underpowered Atom cpu and not enough ram, and awful graphics....

    We never buy Netbooks anyway, but if you forced me to make you a TRADE would be around £30 MAXIMUM...

    Your best bet would be to look at similar netbooks on will give you a rough idea of value in your country... then sell it that way....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I had that same netbook with 2GB RAM and it sold for $220 on Ebay last year.
  3. asnorton44 said:
    I had that same netbook with 2GB RAM and it sold for $220 on Ebay last year.

    I visit a site online and got a quote of $285, i am in Australia ... also i have had people offer me around $150 - $250 for it, ... i have asked around site after site for quotes, so far, lowest quote was $85 and highest was $285 ... so yeh i dunno, ... im wishing to sell it hopefully around the $150-$300 price range ... one woman did offer me $600 for it (said it was a reasonable offer' didnt know much about computers) but i wasnt selling it at the time
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