Need help to find toys for my children

How you doin' guys?

I have a bit of problem. I have two children, one son (12y) and daughter (10y). Their birthday is coming up and I usually buy one thing for both of them, a very expensive thing.
The problem is, they have msot of the stuff already, they share a XBOX360, PS3, Ps2, 32" LCD TV, laptop, gaming PC, ATV, dirtbike, DVD player, cell-phone, WII and much other toys....
Some of the things are 2-3 years old. Some stuff they are still using, and some are collecting dust and don't want a new one.

I need input! What kind of expensive toy is there for a kid? I thought of a lot things, like remote-controlled chopper, beamer, trips etc...

I'm running out of options...any suggestions ppl?
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  1. Don't listen to Missy. The secert is to sub-conciuosly teach people like give your kids a DS and brainage or get them to build a gaming to computer to play new games or something. Something that will make them not aware of learning. That's the trick.
  2. you were thinking of buying your kids a bimmer? aren't they a little young for that? try the trip thing to a theme park or something- anything that means they spend a lot of time with you. That usually goes over pretty well for kids that already have everything (mine are like yours- rich grandma means I can never really buy them anything). They have to settle for spending time with good ole dad :) Personally, I think this summer, I might take them on a road trip (you gotta stop every hour or two to see the sights for this playstation generation) around the western US for couple weeks. Maybe take them to Seattle and Canada or something.
  3. Good Lord man, I'm almost 30 and your kids have more **** than I have ever owned in my entire life combined. My parents were poor and I'm in the military so I have a reason to whine i guess.

    Anyway, definately hook them up with new bicycles or a trampoline or something. Something different, get em some sunshine. Or heck a camping trip or rock climbing/rappelling lessons at your local YMCA or something, that stuff is a blast for youths.
  4. Get them savings bonds! That way when your gone and your spoiled kids have no value of a dollar, and no desire to get a job, they can buy a cheese burger or 2 at Mcdonalds.
  5. Space camp!
  6. Can I be your kid? Sure I'm 32, but hey! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

  7. Wow... that is some input. Well, I do spoil them, I'll admit that. The stuff are not expensive here, especially since I'm working as a purchaser =). I'm def thinikng about trips but there is basically nothing to do in Sweden. Sweden is the size of California... even smaller... and less ppl. Besides, I don't have the time to travel at the moment. But YES! Travel, has croessed my mind.

    Any concrete ideas beside trips and how I spoil them?

    bliq> beamer not bimmer, I'm not talking about a car here. y'know sony, benq, JVC.. beamer.

    And BTW, both of them excerise, soccer and lacrosse =).

  8. Spend some quality time with them by taking them somewhere fun for a week or two. Expensive toys only go so far...
  9. How about a mountain bike (or 2).... or one and a trail-a-bike (one wheeled bike where front end bolts under seat of another bike. Few years ago (2003), I took my 3 kids 13, 12 and 7 on a 300 mile off road bike tour of the national parks in western US (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Thunder Mountain.)

    I used a trail-a-bike for my 7 year old. It was great.....took us a bit over a week, slept under the stars, rarely saw people in the "back country".

    Another gift I give em is "Special Day Cards". As long as they give me a minimum week's notice, they take the blank cards, fill in the date and what they wanna do and I gotta spend the day with them doing it. That 13 year old I mentioned above, had me take him for a glider ride when he was 16 and the instructor told me that my son had the controls from the point that the glider was 2 feet off the ground (thanks to MS Flight Simulator and the Saitek X52 yoke / controls :) .... he will receive his private pilot's license some time next month.

    He is now 18 and he just gave me a card that says on June 28th, we are going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane ! MY 16 year old's card says we are going to see Modest Mouse and REM in concert on June 20. My 12 year old wants me to take him mountain biking again in Utah but this time he wants to ride his own bike and not a trail-a-bike. See the picture at lower right here;

    I thought I needed to change my bike shorts after riding that ridge line
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