Wars and Rumors of wars

I found this news interesting, not really reported on US news. I wounder if a new war will be used as a diversion from the US goverment defaulting or world economy collapsing. (adjusting tin foil hat)
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  1. Interesting, though not altogether surprising. With Ahmadinejad (sp?) threatening to totally destroy Israel plus the US and its allies if he can build a big enough bomb, no wonder we're preparing for a worst-case scenario. (i.e., he manages to build long-range nuclear weapons)
  2. If Iran moves all its nuclear facilities deep into mountain tunnels, I doubt those bunker-buster bombs would work. IIRC, NORAD (the air defense joint operation between Canada & the US) used to have its headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorada, where it would take a nuke to destroy it.

    My guess it's' just saber-rattling by the US, or else those bunker-busters could be for an assault on Al Quaida mountain hideouts. More likely, it'll be Israel taking on Iran before the US does, and they may just use their nukes & be done with it. Anyway, expect oil to jump to $150 a barrel or more due to the interruption in tanker traffic in the Persian gulf...
  3. Higher priced oil is a better alternative to the nut Ahmadinejad!
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