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How do I my switch, firewall, and DSL to work together?

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March 6, 2002 4:04:43 PM

I have to PCs running Win2k and I want to be able to connect them both to my Verizon DSL, but I also have a 2Wire firewall that I need my PCs to sit behind. How would I configure the hardware? TIA.


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March 6, 2002 4:30:52 PM

2 wire firewall? what ever that is your going to need a gateway of some kind, you could just put to nics in one computer and run internet connection sharing off of it. but that way is a pain. the best option is to buy a dsl router, they all come with firewalls built in.

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March 7, 2002 11:15:30 PM

Does your firewall do NAT? If it doesn't, you need to buy a gateway. If it does do NAT, and (hopefully) DHCP:

Plug ethernet from DSL modem to firewall.
If you have an UPLINK port on your switch{
Plug regular Cat-5 from Firewall to uplink. PLug the comps into the switch. Configure firewall to serve as NAT host, and DHCP server.
else {
PLug a crossover ethernet cable from Port 1 of your switch to the firewall. Configure DHCP and NAT as above.

Good luck.

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March 8, 2002 9:56:21 PM

Another interesting trick I learned is some DSL IPS do a login protocal. If you use a router (the easiest route) make sure you don't have WinPoET or similar software installed.

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March 10, 2002 6:30:29 PM

To expand on what CStew77 is saying.

If verizon is using a ppp connection(pppoe or pppoa), then either the modem they are using has the username/password programmed into it or they have supplied you with software like ethernet 300 or winpoet to do pppoe or pppoa authentication.

If that is the case, see if your 2 wire firewall has a pppoe option for you to supply the username and password.

If verizon is running bridging which I doubt then theres probally no need as most bridging setups ive seen dont bother with authentication.