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Please Help!
I have a 5-year old Acer 9410Z. Last night I shut it down normally. This morning when started it up, the screen just stayed black. It sounded like it was booting and I could see the mouse arrow on the screen, but no change with the screen. I took the battery out for a hard reboot, held down the power button to shut it off, then on. I called Acer and was told it sounded like an O/S problem. Please advise!
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  1. Hi there,

    Can be the monitor connection, check the cables if they are connected properly.
    If they are fine try to connect the laptop with external monitor to see if the monitor will show enything.
    Try to take out the RAM and put it back.
    See hoow you do and get back to me.

    Best luck
  2. It's not a monitor issue, per se, since the pointer is visible. Can you get into BIOS or see any other messages?
  3. Thanks for your tips. We were able to get into the BIOS by pressing F2. Started it like that in safe mode, then was able to restart. It's working fine now! Thanks again!
  4. sometimes windows fails to start properly, no need to panic over it, shut down and start it up again a few times. if that doesnt work then look for a problem.
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