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I had just sold off my Fx5200 this is a dame lousy card.Im now planning to purchase a new card any recommand ? Nvidia or Radeon ?

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  1. How much you looking at spending? Best bang for your buck right now is ATI....

  2. heya dwadrian;

    Im guessing in the price range you wanna spend, look towards a ti4200 128MB 8xAGP, you can buy an retail box Asus 9280td for $130 shipped, or look for a ATI 9600pro 128MB.

    Either card is good bang for the buck, I have provided a link below so you can find the best prices.

    <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com" target="_new"> PriceWatch </A>

  3. The GF4 Ti4200's and the ATI 9500/9600 are the best bang for the buck items right now. I just replaced my GF2 GTS with a nice Sapphire 9500 that I modded. I now have a Radeon 9700 for $139 :). I'd say that is the route to go if you want to gamble on getting a modable card...otherwise get a 4200 or stock 9500/9600. The ATI cards will also support DX9 whereas the the GF4 4200 won't.
  4. Absolute best performance per dollar right now is still the Radeon 9700 non-pro in my opinion, for about $200 online.

    Best cheap card is the Geforce4 Ti4200

    Best overall card is a tie between the 9800 PRO and 5900 ULTRA.

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  5. Yes, Cleeve's right best bang for your buck is the ATI R9700non-pro IMO.
    As for other mid-level cards. The R9500Pro, the R9600Pro and the FX5600Ultra rev.2 are all GOOD cards (better than FX5200 and most GF4s IMO). Do not get the non-pro 95/96 or the non-ultra FX5600 (and I'd try to go for Rev.2 <i>not</i> Rev.1), they aren't worth the 'savings' over the other models.
    If a 9700non-pro isn't availible for a good price then those are good choices worthy of current and future games (at reasonable resolutions).

    And yes the top of the lines R9800PRo and FX5900Ultra are also out there, but at a premium, which may not suit your tastes. However if you've got money to spend check them out they likley won't dissapoint unless you're cost concious.

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