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My g/fs dad leaned on his laptop and now there is a nice big black crack through the middle of the screen. Hooked it up to his TV for now but am wondering about replacing the screen myself. His warranty is up and the local guy quoted him like $300 (insane).

He has a HP Pavilion dv6 2151cl

1. I see a few places online that sell screens but if someone can tell me a legit one that would be nice. I am in the USA.

2. From what i see the screen is LED 1366x768. I see a lot of different types on some sites available for this model. So am i wrong about which one this has?
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  1. you should be able to get a new screen for under $100 so he wants about $200 for a pretty quick and straight

    forward job

    usually costs me about £60 in the uk for a screen

    thats probably the right resolution--but you can check the resolution while in windows connected to his tv

    other thing is it matte or glossy screen

    and you need to know if the ribbon connector is on the right or left

    best bet is take the screen out and get the model number from the rear just to be sure

    sorry dont know any u.s.a sites to get them from
  2. Hi :)

    The DV6 has around 7 different screens fitted....BEFORE you order need the number off the back of the screen.....resolution has nothing to do with it...

    All the best Brett :)
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