winxp home ed. shutdown problem

i have been having trouble shutting down winxp home edition. when i shutdown i heard the hard drive shutdown and the power indicator light goes off but the cpu fan is still running.
does any one know how i can get this to shutdown properly.(the only way i have been shutting it down is when the hd and power light goes off i pull the plug out. this is crazy.

i am using a asus a7n266c with a xp2100 512mb ram 40gb hd 300 atx power supply
i need help bad..
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  1. how do you shut the computer down??

    do you use the button on thew keyboard (e.g. key labeled "power" )
    do you use the button on the case
    do you use the "start menu -turn off computer-turn off" comand

    i am assuming that you go through the start menu!!

    the first place i would check is you properties

    right click on desktop-properties-screensaver-power (at the bottom of that tab)-then go through all the options their.

    also your bios may have settings like, wake on LAN, wake on mouse, wake on Keyboard e.g. set these may be causeing the computer to still be semi powered.

  2. i use the start menu to shut down. i will go check some of those things you were saying now. hope somthing works..
  3. well i finnaly figured it out, all i had to do was update my bios to the latest one and that did the trick.
    if anyone else out there ever comes across this problem just updat your bios and you should be in good shape.

    hope this helps someone out in the future..
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