Which one would be the best pick ?

Hello everyone :)
A friend of mine wants to buy a netbook. She will use it only for browsing the internet/ watching movies / working with Microsoft Office etc. These are the ones that are offered by the local shops.

http://uk.msi.com/product/nb/U135DX.html ( with an ATOM N455 1.66GHz )

and an HP AU178YX
here are the specs :
cpu : Intel Celeron M 900 2.20GHz
2gb ram
15.6” display

Which one do you think would be the best choice ? I think the HP would be a better choice because of the bigger display / more RAM but I`m still not sure so im asking you :)
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  1. Netbook are notoriously underpowered, are you sure your friend want's a netbook? Even streaming videos to some netbooks is a problem depending on the resolution.

    Not to mention netbooks don't have CD/DVD drives which can be a problem if your friend likes to watch DVD's.

    If anything, I would reccomend a AMD A8 based laptop - usually around the 500$ range. The AMD A8 based laptops are great - all around laptops. My mom has an A6 based laptop and can do everything she needs it to do (flash games, videos, web browsing, etc).
  2. Yeah I know, but she is on a very low budget ( 250 euro ). Btw the Hp has a Dvd-rw.
  3. If anything, the HP you listed looks like the best of all. A decent screen size (15.6"), 2GB ram, and 250GB HDD with a DVD drive and an OK processor (Celeron M).

    I've used a netbook before with a 10.1" screen - it was really nice, but for long use, the screen IMO was way too small. At 15.6" the screen is big enough for decent viewing, as your friend doesn't want to be squinting when looking at a screen.

    Anyone else with some thoughts? oc_mania, do you know of any UK tech shop websites? Maybe we can find something better at that price range.
  4. Well, actually I`m from Bulgaria, that`s why the choices are so limited ( and her budget is so low :D ).

    I`ll ask her if she can save up some money for a decent laptop, if she can`t, I`ll suggest her to get the HP.
  5. One last thing - the HP has the better processor out of all the other netbooks you listed. Those Atoms are quite weak.
  6. It does all depend on her preferences though. That HP isn't actually a netbook. If she highly values small size or portability, she might prefer one of the netbooks.
  7. Update - today she bought it and she is very happy with it :)
  8. Cool which one did she get?

    Edit: Your secret is safe with us if you let her know you picked it out yourself :)
  9. She got the HP. :) Hehe, it was obviously the best bang for the buck, I was just worried because I`ve read that HPs aren`t the best laptops.
  10. Ahh good to know. I know the HP wasn't a netbook which is why I reccomended that over the others (since it just has better specs all around).

    All laptops can have problems - it's not just relegated to one company or the other, and IMO HP's have decent midrange and low end laptops.

    The best of luck.
  11. Thanks :)
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