Is it wise to upgrade from a gfoce 4 ti 4600 to a

Hi there i just want somebody to help me decide whether is wise to upgrade from a ti 4600 128 to a Ati 9800 pro 128 or a geforce fx 5900? any comments will be greatly appreciat it?
here are my current specs i can only use 4x with the ti 4600
fIC AN19e motherboard 8x agp
atlon xp 2100
2 - 512 pc2700 ram keningston
400 wts antec PS
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Depends on your needs. Does the ti4600 still work good for your current games?
    If it does, do you really need to upgrade now?
    Consider that and it shouldn't be to hard to decide.

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  2. If you have the money and really really want it. :) As a personal preference I wait to upgrade a card until it starts having problems playing the latest and greatest games. I just purchaced a 9800 pro 128 so I can tell you it's nice, and would say it is the one to get over the fx5900 due to image quality. There are some nice articles floating around the web comparing these two so check them out and make a decision. You should come away happy either way.
  3. i am currently playing UT 2003 and Medal of Honor Spear head. But since I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 200 22 inch monitor. i have noticed that when i increase the resolution with my geforce 4 ti 4600 the fps drop dramatically. I usually upgrade every year with it comes to video cards anyway. But money here is not an issue i just wanted to know if it was wise to upgrade to any of these two cards (geforce fx 5900 ultra 256 or ati 9800 pro 128 or 256)? thanks!!!! :)
  4. Just wait until the first set of dx9 games like Doom3 and Half Life 2 hit the market. Then upgrade.

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  5. The Geforce Ti 4600 is still fully capable. If I were you I think I'd save up (If you even have to) for next generation hardware in the fall such as AMD's Athlon 64 or the Pentium 5 (or whatever they decide to call it.) If you have money out the wazoo then give me some and get the Radeon 9800 Pro, anything will run on that.

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  6. I would waite.
  7. oh come on..
    my R8500LE is still perfect for me..i don't see the need to upgrade from a Ti4600 now..
    but if you want to know, then yes, 9800 or fx5900 gives you more than what you have right now
  8. Pfft, dont listen to these guys, theyre just jealous. Either one of those cards is a HUGE step up from a TI4600, Id pick the 9800 Pro over the 5900, and Id get the 256mb version if for no other reason than that the memory will overclock higher.

    You will see a big performance increase, and you will finally be able to use anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering without killing your performance!!!

    Go for it.

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  9. and 1600x1200x32 on that beautful monitor


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  10. Yap when I get my 9800 P, I’m going to look at my GF4 like it was a MX card, hehe

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  11. I would say at the present time no.

    I would wait for the next generation of ATi/nVidia chips to hit the market before upgrading since you had top of the line in the previous generation you can survive a generation without an upgrade generally.

  12. If you want to make use of that huge monitor and play at super-high resolutions with AA enabled, than Hell yes!

    You definitely will see a nice improvement with a 9800/5900.

    Only you can decide if it's worth the moolah tho.

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  13. Hey guys thxs so much for all of your comments and it feels good to know that there is ppl like you that cares about one's opinions. Anyway i have made my decision and i am definatley going for the ATI 9800 pro 256 mb. Reason why i want to be able to play all my games and future games at the max resolution in my 22 inch montitor. i am going to use the ti4600 for my other computer. i have a network here at home and in my other puter i am running a geforce 3 so i guess it's worth the investmentto upgrade both at the same time.
    To be honest i could wait for the prices to go down but it;s hard if you know what i mean ;) this card will take care of my needs for at least 1 to 1 year 1/2

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  14. Check this out the geforce 4 ti 4600 compared to ATI 9800 Pro!!!! 3dmark bench marks comparing both !!!

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  15. I did about a month ago.. I went from a Ti4600 to a 9800 Pro. As far as Im concerned it was worth the $$$, but I was saving the money to spend on the upgrade. I play UT 2K3 in 2 gamming legues so it helped me because I was able to turn up the effecs (which made it easier to see the apponents) while keeping 100fps. Good luck.

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  16. 22" is awesome. try to get the can really shine over the nvidia solutions at high resolutions ( ryhmes). I'd recommend an ATI card, though...look around at the forum and see all of the problems others are having with second market 9800's ; try to avoid this

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  17. That 4600 is still a damn good card right now but the 9800 pro would be the better upgrade choice. The 5900 is too noisy and doesnt really give you a better performance.
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