Problems with graphics, Radeons. PLEASE help!

Okay... about a week ago, I built a brand new computer: Asus P4P800 mobo, Pentium 4 2.6 processor, 2 x Corsair 512MB CL2 chips, and originally a Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro video card, I also have an Okia (maker) 420W power supply. So, I put everything together, install Windows XP, everything's working wonderfully. But... when I run ANY games, artifacts begin appearing on the screen. slowly at first, then just get worse and worse until it's so bad that you have to do a cold boot to get rid of it all. So, after hours of head-scratching and trying to figure out what's wrong, I figure it's the video card. So, I take that one out, put in my friend's ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and get the same thing... Then I get an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, put it in... same thing. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling drivers, etc. Reformatting, reinstalling windows... nothing's working. Tried changing it to AGP4x, turning fastwrite off. Same results, now I'm stumped and very angry. I know it's not a heat issue... or at least I highly doubt it. I've taken off the side panel of case and put a big fan blowing straight in next to it. EXACT SAME THING. Also... another question, possibly related, I have no clue. When I run a utility that came with the motherboard, it gives me a warning saying the +3.3V is running at 2.96V... is that at all related to the AGP slot? PLEASE help! Thanks in advance! If you need more info, just ask. Screenshots? Just ask! I just need some help!

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  1. it was once the case for old old agp, but ever since mid agp2x and latter the AGP voltage has been 1.5v
    Curious problem you have.

    Tried the latest cat 3.5 drivers i assume?
    Latest chipset drivers?
    DirectX 9.0a?

    Also, go into your bios and try disabling Fastwrites. some peeps have an issue with that enabled.

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  2. Where would I find the latest chipset drivers? For the video card or motherboard? And yes, I've tried cat 3.5 and directx 9.0a. any other suggestions?

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  3. well the chipset or intell board drivers can be found (hopefully) at the motherboard manufacturers website.

    You could try some of the older catylist drivers, see if any of them work better.
    or possibly the Omega drivers (will have to google for them)

    fastwrites off, sideband addressing off, set it to agp4x instead of 8x (if available)
    what else hmmm

    Even though its not overheating, you might want to check the card temp...
    run it for a while, then carefully put a (grounded) finger against one of the ram chips, also test out the heatsink. if the heatsink is on the cold side then there may be a contact problem between the heatsink and GPU.

    When you described the probem it sounded exactly like it was overclocked too far.
    download a radeon overclocking utility and see what speeds you are running at.
    (the omega drivers have a OC utility built in)

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  4. good advice...this is becoming a more and more common problem...check the other posts

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  5. its getting too hot or not enough power. make sure you have good unobstructed airflow. otherwise change the psu
  6. Did you connect the auxiliary power cable
  7. Just posted the same reply to this on another thread. I had the self same problem with a Radeon 9700 Pro card I bought from eBay last week. Vendor sent me a DOS update (think it flashed the BIOS on the vid card) and it immediately cured the problem. Send me your e-mail address and I´ll mail the patch to you as I don´t know how to link files in here. No guarantees, but it worked for me...
  8. Thanks for all your help so far! I've been trying everything that's been suggested, but still no luck. :( Okay... I have not overclocked the card at all, and the OC'ing utility that came with the Omega Radeon drivers didn't work (to check if the card was overclocked/what speeds it was running at). The Omega drivers didn't fix anything either. Yes, I plugged in the auxiliary power cable (that's the one that goes to the power supply, right?). I've updated my motherboard bios, chipset drivers, onboard sound drivers, onboard LAN drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled just about everything. My e-mail address is and I would appreciate it if you would send that file my way :) and we'll see if it can work for my 9800 pro. Thanks again, everyone. Keep the suggestions coming! :p

    P.S. I get the same artifacts, black lines, and distortions, but I forgot to mention the "checkerboard effect".

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