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does anyone know where to download the video controller driver for a dell latitude d610 running windows 7pro much appreciated if you can help.
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  1. Probably none available. Check with, do a search based on your service tag. If you know the exact video card in the laptop you can check with the video card vendor (Intel, ATI, nVidia), but usually they leave driver support for laptops for the laptop vendor.
  2. judd50 said:
    does anyone know where to download the video controller driver for a dell latitude d610 running windows 7pro much appreciated if you can help.

    If your D610 has the Intel 915GM Graphics Chipset (you can easily check the video specs in your bios set-up), I can definitely help! I just recently configured a D610 with Windows 7 and spent an entire day running that elusive sucker down! If your MB has the ATI Radeon chip, you'll probably have to keep looking, but I have the direct link to the Intel driver.

    Intel's website has a java-based 'scan my system' Driver Update Utility app that is supposed to auto-identify your hardware and make the whole process a snap. Well, after installing and reinstalling Java a half-dozen times and trying to get the app to work in three different browsers, I gave up and just used the manual search module. It was ridiculously easy. Wish I'd have used it from the beginning.

    Here's the page with the download link you need. The install file, win2k_xp142550.exe, is not a self-extracting zip file but rather, a full-on installation program (it copies all the install files to a temp directory and deletes them when finished).

    A couple of important notes:
    This is a Windows XP driver, not a native Win 7 driver. The Intel 915GM chipset IS NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH WIN 7! This driver is classified as XPDM as opposed to the native WDDM model; XPDM drivers will work in Windows 7 but do not support all of its functions. So when you go to the download page, you won't find any references to Win 7; only to XP. However, the latest (and final) update to the driver is this one, dated 01/17/2007, so this is as good as it gets.

    Again, I can only speak to my D610's configuration with the Intel Graphics chip. If you were lucky enough to get a hold of one with the ATI Radeon graphics chip instead, while you won't find the driver here, you WILL get a higher-performance experience. The Intel screen resolution offerings are 800x600 and 1024x768. That's it. If you want higher resolutions you have to use a compatible Dell docking station that has a slot for an external graphics card. This did not make me too happy when I found out, but I guess I can't complain too badly; I only paid $50 for the D610 (without a HD and only 512MGs of RAM).

    Oh and one more thing: when you run the install app, upon conclusion, Win 7 may not accept it as a normal installation and will request to automatically REINSTALL the driver with the proper settings for Windows 7. Be sure to allow the OS to do that and you shouldn't have any problems.

    But the bottom line is, when all is said and done, the max resolution with the Intel 915GM driver is the same as with the generic VGA, so why bother? However, I did bother, and since I already went to all the trouble, maybe you'll have an easier go of it.

    Hope this helps!
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