Which MSI gaming laptop under $1400?

I'm in the market to buy a good MSI gaming laptop. There seems to be a baffling array of models and variants out there and I'd like advice on which would be the best choice for my budget.

I'm limited to $1400 so anything with a 580M is out. I've seen a few in my range in the 570M models, including this one:

Are there comparable models or brands that are available off the shelf that I could get for $1400 or under? Thanks.
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  1. The 570M offers comparable performance to Radeon 5770

    The 560M offers comparable performance to GTS450.

    Both offer quite playable performance with lowered details. So obviously 570M has more juice.

    And it does appear that what you have listed is about the pinnacle of graphics performance you can get at that price range from MSI.
    i7, fullhd display and 570M.
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