What services are non-essential? -->program for me?

I have windows 7 rc x64, and my computer is starting up slower now. I changed my startup progrms to the bare minimum, and I want to disable non-essential services, except I don't know what the names are. can anyone link me to a page that helps. Also, if anyone knows of a program that can help, that would be nice, but preferably not a virus :non: . However, I'd rather have the list.

Thanks. This would be a great help. :wahoo:
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  1. Set Superfetch to delayed startup (or even disable), a lot of people also don't need the ReadyBoost.
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    Check the guide on Vista on

    Here there are all drivers listed with a guide on what services a common user should disable. Vista and Windows 7 drivers are the same (98%) so you cannot go wrong using that guide.

    Other than the services the guide suggest to disable there are some others as superfetch and readyboost that can give you quite a boost depending on what you use the PC for.

    Usually the most HDDs intensive tasks reside in the indexing, online problems' resolution, defender real-time, superfetch, readboost and so on. Again check the guide on how to correctly configure them to speed the system up.
  3. so readyboost actually makes it take longer?
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