Cant install w7

i am getting a Windows 7 Load Driver Error during installation. It doesnt show anything when i am uspose to find a device to install it on. help please.
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  1. Is this an upgrade or a clean install? is it a full version of W7 or an upgrade?
    Are you booting with the W7 dvd? or running from an existing OS, if so which one.
  2. it is a clean install. full version. I am booting with the dvd. it is a new build.
  3. please help
  4. Ithink it would be best to wipe the drive and start over, is this a D/L of 7, or a full version packaged disk, if it was a D/L, could be a corrupt disk
  5. I got it from new egg. it is an oem. How do i wipe the drive. it is a new HD.
  6. Do you have a link.
  7. download The Ultimate Boot CD (it's free)burn it to a disk, boot from the disk, select HDD tools and wipe 1 pass, when it's done remove the disk, put the Win installation disk in the drive and reboot the computer, install Windows
  8. I am not seeing it. I have no idea what to down load to burn.
  9. Do you think i could have a Bad HD but my bios is picking it up.
  10. i figured it out. It is downloading ubcd502.iso
    this maybe easier for you
  12. ummm Really dont no how to burn this to a disk.
  13. or Ultra iso(free)
  14. Use Imgburn.
  15. ok thanks that helps out a lot. I hope this will help me out
  16. me too
  17. what should i open the file with it keeps giving me windows media player as default and i cant run the disk.
  18. so when i try to run the disk on this comp it will not boot up.
  19. Anyone know what i should do.
  20. did you download Ultra ISO? and install it, drop the download into utra ISO(right screen on the top),and burn to a disk, it automatically makes a self Booting disk, put the cd in the computer and start, it will load automatically
  21. i am using Imgburn.
  22. it should operate about the same
  23. start the program, click on the top left, Write Image File to Disk, in the next screen, top left, the icon with out the +sign, open the folder that has the ISO of UBCD and click Open, put a new cd in the burner, on the botom left the icon to the left of the disk icon, that should do it
  24. it's 4 AM here, so I'm getting some sleep. I'll see you later
  25. Hello slogger1,

    Do you have the ISO? Go grab a 4GB USB Flash Drive!

    If you have problems with the DVD install try this:
    You can download the USB tool for free and copy your Windows 7 ISO to the USB. Complete instructions can be found here:
    I use USB flash drives all the time for OS install it works perfectly - lot faster and no DVDs to get scratched and damaged! :-)

    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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