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Would anyone have suggestions on what to do if when logging into Vista Home Premium, my LCD laptop screen with JUST ENOUGH time to enter my login and the screen would soon just would repeatedly go blank - black screen.

Originally, I called Toshiba who simply said that I should either go buy a monitor to use externally to connect to my laptop, which I do not have, nor have the money.. tough economy over my way! I also wouldn't enjoy having 2 monitors to have to work and look at while trying to do my business.

They also had told me that if I even ifI connected my LCD laptop to an external monitor, it still is mostly likely the LCD screen just won't work anymore???

This pertains to my Vista Home Premium system, for a Toshiba Satellite 135-135A model that came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium, which I have been quite disappointed with for years to begin with. Further disappointment, even though that my Satellite model number did in fact apply to my being eligible for the Vista Upgrade Media Offer that I was never made aware of or received any assistance from Toshiba. There are more complaints that customers had no notice that Toshiba was going to send out Free Windows 7 Upgrade Media disks out to qualifying customers, but never followed through and will continually blow you off in 500 different ways, like too bad for you, sorry. I'm done with Toshiba.

I have since installed Windows 7 on a different brand of laptop.

Very unhappy and disappointed former customer,

Gina Poor
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  1. There are 3 possible causes for blank LCD:

    1 - the light source/inverter for LCD panel is bad
    2 - LCD panel itself is defective
    3 - graphics card went bad.

    1 and 2 can be found out if you connect laptop to external monitor. It is the only way to find out. The tech support was correct in this. If the external monitor shows image, then the cause is option 1 or 2. Replacing backlight can be more affordable if you do yourself and has the skills (about $50 US). Replacing monitor is expensive, better to buy new laptop.

    If no image on external monitor, then graphics card or motherboard (most likely) went bad. It is expensive to replace motherboard. Better to buy a new laptop.
  2. Thank you much for taking the time to send a very helpful response.
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