Help me compare these laptops please!

these are some laptops that I have been looking at these past couple days. If you have a comment, good or bad, about any of them, leave it here! I don't expect someone to look at all, but if you have a few minutes, maybe 1 or 2!

Only notable thing I care about for using my laptop: games. I play only WoW atm, but may move onto other games.

Thank you!
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  1. Games = get the best graphics card you can afford.
  2. AMD Radeon HD 7690M or NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M are roughly equal in performance.
  3. HP dv6 / Core i5-2450M / Radeon HD7690M / 1920x1080 LCD screen
    Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 / Core i7-2670QM / GeForce GT 555M / 1366x768 LCD screen
    Lenovo IdeaPad Y470p / Core i7-2670QM / Radeon HD7690M / 1366x768 LCD screen
  4. thank you wr2 - I pm'd you with some other questions.

    out of the 3 you posted, does anyone have a suggestion? ive heard that the geforce 555m in the lenovo y570 isnt as good as other 555 cards in other laptops.

    I think I would like to go with the hp, its 50 cheaper and has a better screen resolution. anything else that I should be comparing/am missing? thanks!
  5. You're right about the Y570M being one of the 96 core models. It's still a bit better than the GT 550M and still very close in performance to 6770M/7690M.

    Of the 3 you listed it's the Core i5/7690/1080 screen vs
    2 i7-2670QM CPUs / 1366 screens with GT555M / HD 7690M

    The hi-res screen is nice - but it would make the 7690M run a bit slower than a 1366x768 screen. But you could play your games at 1366x768/1600x900 if you need to keep up the frame rates.
    But for work/entertainment the 1920x1080 is big bonus.
    The dual core vs quad core, is of course, a compromise to keep prices down and get a nice full HD screen.
  6. would the general consensus be to go with the y470 then? i wouldnt mind playing at a lower resolution - would still be good graphics, etc. etc, but you're right that i lose out on the quad core processor. seems like a big tradeoff? wouldnt taking the better processor over better screen res. be a no brainer?
  7. Do you need a dedicated number pad?
    If not the smaller 14" Y470p is looking pretty good.

    That quad core vs dual core trade off - it just depends on how your use your laptop.
    For WoW? 1920x1080 and a fast dual core CPU would be great. Future games? Maybe not so much.
  8. no on the num pad.

    i guess thats the choice I have to make then =/ thanks for all of your help dude! i just worry that, like you said, 1920 res and that grahpics card may be a bit much.
  9. You can adjust your display res lower to get smoother game play.
    It's more about the dual core vs quad core in future games, I'd say.
  10. well, the only future game that I can think that I'd like to play is diablo 3/random future mmos.

    tough choice =(
  11. Check the DIII/MMO forums and check on what the feeling is on fast dual core / hi res vs quad core / standard res.
  12. I'm favoring the Dv6 personally.
    I currently own and use the larger dv7 for gaming + everything else.

    Also, the GT 555 uses slower DDR3 VRAM, while the 7690M (aka 6770M) uses GDDR5
    This makes the AMD card significantly faster.
    Really it takes a well equipped GTX 560M to defeat the 7690M

    As for dual vs. quad, personally I can't think of any games that would run 'better' on one or the other. How high your turbo frequency is, seems more important, as most games only use up to two cores anyway. Furthermore, the processors are hyperthreaded, so the dual cores behave like quad cores in any event.
    My quad core has seemed like serious overkill; but I also didn't have a dual core option.

    If you're using Techbargains, they have very generous HP coupons available.

    While I'd highly recommend the 1080p display over the default 1366 by 768 screen, it will not let you set it to 1600 x 900
    I don't know why, but for gaming your choices are either full 1920 x 1080 or 1366 x 768

    When I built my dv7 in March last year, the 1080p display option was unavailable.
    However, the DV7 also came with a 1600 x 900 display, so the potential issues driving full 1080p and abysmal 1366 x 768 were evaded.

    With that said, I definitely would have upgraded if I had the option at the time.
    Games like Rift only get 20-30 FPS at max settings for me, so 1080p would have sunk it.
    Otherwise, most games have plenty of extra power for it. You can always just dial some other settings around.

    I preferred the size of the dv6 over the dv7, but the dv7 (quad edition) came with (900p), more RAM (8 GB), blu-ray, a subwoofer, an extra drive bay, and a two year warranty for no additional costs.

    The weight about .6 lbs heavier, but I've never once regretted my choice.
    11 months in and going strong.
    Wish you luck
  13. well the y470 has a 7690 gpu in it.

    my current problem is quad proc + 1080 or dual proc + 760. both radeon 7690 chips.
  14. adamjb4 said:
    well the y470 has a 7690 gpu in it.

    my current problem is quad proc + 1080 or dual proc + 760. both radeon 7690 chips.

    Sorry I missed that part and edited it in later.
    I probably would have been fine with the fastest dual core offered, but it would have cost too much to get all my other upgrades if I didn't choose a 'quad edition' notebook.

    With the quad core option, you are all but guaranteed NEVER to be CPU limited, which is something I like.
    (You can get a techbargain coupon code to work with custom configurations on HP)

    You don't have to settle for a prebuilt for the discount
  15. thanks!

    does anyone know the difference between the y470 and y470p? both lenovos look identical, the 470 having a gt 555, and its way more expensive. any thoughts?
  16. right.. I noticed that, but isnt the 7690 better? doesn't make sense that the 470 is more expensive than the 470p.
  17. WR2 said:

    That's a nice link. Very impressive specs for the price, especially for the size.
    Honestly the resolution should be fine for a smaller screen like that.
    With a 7690M onboard there's no reason you can't max everything at 1366 x 768

    Games like Rift and The Witcher 2 push the card to the limit for me at 1600 x 900, but I still get 20 - 30 FPS (on stock speeds)
    If I can run them, you should be more than well equipped.

    Not sure what/if other MMOs strike your fancy, but SWTOR runs unusually well on the 7690M, contrary to issues many desktop owners have.
    WoW should break 60+ FPS easy on high settings (Haven't actually played WoW on this machine)

    My final words are: I have very little faith in the GT 550/GT 555M or lower
    No matter what, I strongly recommend the 7690M or 6770M ( they are the same card)

    a new challenger approaches.

    edit: basically i'm choosing between the above and the lenovo y470p.

    both 800$, both intel i7 quads, 8gb ddr3, 750gb hd, radeon 7690 gpus.

    hp is 1920x1080, lenovo 1366x768

    hp is 15.6", lenovo 14"

    my hp laptop had problems with overheating, and ive heard good things about lenovos.

    any final thoughts?

    hp: link above
  19. Your hp link doesn't work.

    And an advice: don't buy based *only* on specifications. Before you order, be sure to check out product images, unboxing videos on Youtube, etc.

    A relative of mine has recently bought a Dell machine, it has excellent specifications, but he was disappointed with the keyboard, because the page up, page down, home, etc. buttons were not on the right side, but on the top, and they are not comfortable to reach, when you're used to type without looking at the keyboard. And a configurable backlit keyboard is a big bonus in usability too.
  20. thanks - i have been!

    looks like hp fixed a glitch that was stacking -250$ instant savings. shoulda ordered last night =(
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