Best Laptop for $600 that Plays Minecraft and Fast?

Title says all. I can use Newegg, really any website that is cheap.

I need a laptop for $600 that is fairly fast and can play minecraft well (java game).

Is the Alienware M11x any good for $900?

Thanks :)
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  1. Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 15" notebook $580 adds a dedicated graphics card - GT 520M
  2. In a 14" 4.2lbs $500 model: Dell Inspiron 14z
  3. Thanks, is the m11x any good? (the $900 version)
  4. The R3 model? For a 11" sub-notebook? It's not bad. It's got a lot going for it.
    Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook Review
  5. With that ULV Core i3 2357M (1.3GHz) CPU - it's not going to be especially fast compared with the Core i3 2330M(2.20GHz) for example.
  6. The ULV core u speak about is the Alienware's one right? So the 15" $580 one you linked is far better?
  7. Better..... at what? Saving you money?
    They're different 'things'. 11" premium sub-notebook vs 15" standard notebook.
  8. hang on I'm confused now, which one has better hardware?
  9. CPU: Core i3 2330M > Core i3 2357M
    GPU: GT 540M > GT 520M
  10. At $900 you have a 17" (1600x900) quad-core intel with Ati HD6650

    Or at $700 you still have 17" (1600x900) Ati HD6650 and you have only i5

    Below 17" this you have only the small 1366x768 resolution and 11"-16" screen size.
    A nice one at 700$ is It has a fast HDD, powerful video card and one USB3 port into a small size and medium weight laptop.

    Maybe you can ask the following questions:
    1. Do you want a desktop replacement or a light traveling notebook?
    A desktop replacement can be heavy, with a big screen and powerful components.
    A light notebook is light, smaller screen and weaker components.

    2. What is the maximum amount of money that you can spend?
    Because you asked for a $600 laptop and you also added the $900 Alienware M11x laptop.

    3. Do you want USB3/HMDI/eSATA/PCMCIA or other special port?
  11. SONY VAIO SA 13" Notebook $900
    Core i5 2430M(2.40GHz)CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD 13.3" 1600x900 LCD w/ AMD Radeon HD 6630M
  12. Which of the two $900 ones is best? They have diff graphic cards.
  13. The GPUs are close in performance.
    The CPUs are not that close in performance.
  14. Are we still talking about playing Minecraft? Or something else?
  15. It's minecraft and fast speed. The budget has been raised to $1000.
  16. How important is size and resolution?
  17. The screen needs to be 16" size doesn't matter.
  18. Why were you even looking at the MX11 then?
  19. I'm doing this for a friend, while playing Battlefield 3, so he linked me the M11x and I barely read the specs, my bad shouldn't be as ignorant with pc stuff. I've never really touched on Alienware products, I prefer building.

    But yes 16" and size is not an issue. Just the best laptop I can get for $1000.
  20. The video chipset is the same; only the chip and memory speed differ.
    Radeon HD 6650M: 600 and 900 MHz
    Radeon HD 6630M: 485 and 800 MHz

    so on paper 6650M is at least 12% faster then 6630M

    Also here are the other differences - Acer vs Sony:
    - Better video - 1point for Acer
    - double memory (both RAM and video) - 2points for Acer
    - double cpu (no of cores and cache size) - 2points for Acer
    - double HDD - 1point for Acer
    - larger screen (+17%) - 1point for Acer
    - double weight - 1point for Sony
    - I believe Sony has better screen - 1point for Sony
    7points for Acer
    2points for Sony
  21. Sager NP5175 with a Core i7 upgrade should be in the ball park.
  22. Never heard of Sager, but I'm open to anything, is that a good brand? That sager, at the $900 price is better than the last Acer hgiurgiu spoke about right? One that had 7 points over Sony.
  23. Very good.
  24. You could play Minecraft on an Android phone but that screen size doesn't fit your specs.
  25. LOL. I actually have it on my Nexus.
  26. Also you can look at This is a beast: it has nVidia GT 560m videocard and also 7200rpm HDD.

    Or if you want a new one, try this HP DV7T
    Selecect base configuration ($899.99) and upgrade the video card to Ati HD 7690 1GB (+25) and HDD to 750GB 7200 rpm (+20)

    Here is my list of features for a gaming notebook oredered from the most important:
    1. Fast HDD or SSD
    2. Big screen with big resolution
    3. Fast videocard
    4. Quad CPU
    5. Big memory

    Obs: The HDD and mem can be upgraded; CPU, video, screen - can't.

    Good luck.
  27. I subscribe to Sager with i7 quad upgrade: very good choise. It has FullHD screen, powerful videocard and 7200rpm HDD. I advise to spend the rest of the money on an extended warranty.
  28. Is the Sager one better than those two you linked?

    And would any of these run battlefield 3 by any chance on medium at good fps?
  29. Performance:
    Asus G74SX > Sager > Acer > Sony
  30. Here you can find all your answers about Battlefield 3 performance
  31. If BF3 is your goal and you can swing the cost - get a GTX 560M
  32. From the table you can see that NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M (Asus) is the only option, the rest (555M - Sager, 6550M - Acer.,6630M - Sony) are good only for low (1024x768 low -AA 2xAF); at med. )1366x768 medium -AA 4xAF) and high (1366x768 high -AA 16xAF) only powerful videocards can handle and there is no videocard to handle ultra (1920x1080 ultra 4x MSAA 16xAF). So you need a laptop with i7 quad and nVidia 560M
  33. The G74SX is quad right?

    Where'd u see the FPS for the 560m in the G74SX? I must be blind, I see an empty row for 560M. Does it run BF3 on medium?

    Hopefully that comes back in stock. That is one HELL of a laptop.
  34. I see now.

    Okay will go for G74SX. Incase my friend can't order and needs to go to retail store (he has a tigerdirect near him) He needs to look for a GTX 560M and an i7 right?
  35. Best answer
    Outside of a desktop computer - that's his best change to play BF3 on medium graphics.
  36. Here is the list of i7-quad + nVigia 560M laptops (except the first one - is an i5)

    Unfortunately the starting price is $1300. So you extend your budget or you have to cut from the specs CPU or video. Since from i7 quad to i5 is a bid difference, and also from 560M to 555M or 7690M, it's a very difficult decision.
  37. Thank you so much for the help guys!
  38. COURSE IT IS. I'll wait for it to come back on newegg for less :D :D
  39. Or the previous model of Asus: G73SW

    This seller is looks ok and it has 3 year warranty.

    The videocard is 460M which is a little weaker then 560M but more powerful then 555M. And the price is closer to $1000 target.

    Basically if you consider 560M is 100% then 460M is 90% and 555M - 65%.

    It seems that are a lot of offers for Asus G73SW on ebay.

    Will do everything you need for 50$ under your original budget. You will also get way better battery life than going with those other solutions. Play minecraft on the integrated gpu and battery for hours and hours. Switch to the dedicated and plug in for the big stuff. Using a similar machine and it overclocks easy if you need it and performs great.
  41. That blasted right past the original budget about 20 posts ago.
  42. Quote:
    That blasted right past the original budget about 20 posts ago.

    LOL. Yeah thats the way it is with laptop shopping. You start out modest, and then end up believing you need 2grand worth of I7 and 580gtx to game. It is hard to believe that 600 nowdays will buy a pretty decent machine. I guess people get convinced that they need 60+fps at ultra settings when really your xboxes and such run alot of stuff at 30-40fps and low equivalent graphics and the masses are happy.

    If you truly crave the ultra performance then a laptop is not the way.
  43. Here is a good article about mobile vs desktop video cards performance,3118.html

    I subscribe to the idea of building a desktop: you can very easy upgrade your system. The i5-2500k processor is also quad-core and supports strong OC; the mobile i5 is only dual-core.
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