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Any one have release date for SP4 2000. Thanks I know its still in Beta. How close to Gold.
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  1. It'll be out Mid-Summer, from what I've been told.

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  2. Thanks Teg I can wait till then since I have SP3.
  3. is there a place to actually download ALL of SP3 instead of having to download the setup files billions of bits everytime i install windows2000? my dialup connection is starting to hate me, i think i've downloaded the sp3 5 times now...i would like to just burn it onto a disk. same question goes for direct x 9.0a...any place to get the actual file, not the small setup file with large additional download?.

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  4. <A HREF="http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/windows2000_sp3.html" target="_new">Windows 2000 Service Pack 3</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.softnews.ro/public/cat/13/1/4/13-1-4-6.shtml" target="_new">DirectX 9.0a Redistributable</A>
  5. you are awesome, thanks for the links. (saved me many moons downloading the 125meg file on a 56k dialup).

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    *grabs a stick and places it into the flames; mmmm, smores*
    %Think before you act would be a good motto%
  6. SP4 is out, anyone try it yet?!?!?!

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    *grabs a stick and places it into the flames; mmmm, smores*
    %Think before you act would be a good motto%
  7. I just installed it. Ill let you know if it fixes any of my win2k issues tomorrow :)
    BUT i did just play battlefield 1942 for several hours after installing it, so far no bluescreens while playing. one crash to the desktop, but i think thats the older nvidia driver im using (battlefield has a history of getting wiggy with older drivers). Ill let you know if it stops my IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem!
  8. I have not installed it yet. Keep us posted as how its working for you.
  9. I'm kinda worried about installing SP4! Check out <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10178" target="_new">this article</A> at the Inquirer. A few of the fixes they mentioned are:

    - an attempt was made to remember a device that had previously been remembered
    - stop error occurs when you start the computer for the first time
    - laptop computer has no IP address after hibernating
    - operation failed for unspecified reasons
    - The Logical Disk Counters Read Zero on a Cluster After a Disk Failover and Failback

    I'm probably not going to install SP4, I'll just pick which hotfixes to get instead (after reviewing what they are supposed to fix).
  10. There are a number of fixes only found in SP4 that you cannot get a hotfix for, as an example, i was fully patched but the energy star didnt work on any of my machines and they all have different hardware configurations, this was a result of a recent hotfix that i cant pin down that screwed it up, this was resolved in service pack 4 and now the energy star features work on all machines again.
    I would recommend installing it reguardless of what you think you may have hotfixed as there are added fixes that you cannot recieve via the hotfixes.

  11. <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10331" target="_new">The Inquirer</A> has another article about SP4. There has been multiple fixes to fix the fix that fixed hundreds of bugs with a lot more fixes coming to fix that fix. Thats a lot of times fix was said in that sentence! Anyway, there are more than 60 fixes that need to be done as a result of SP4, I'm glad I didn't install it yet. I'll wait till there are more fixes to that fix.

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  12. I installed SP4 a week ago and haven't had any problems yet.

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  13. The biggest fix in SP4 was that it fixed my lapton from freezing in Streets & Trips. That is the most bestest thing thay did in it, cos I had to use XP instead of Win2k for that. Now I am very happy camper with Win2k again.

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  14. Applied it, a week ago, seams ok...
  15. Just installed it SP4 so far so good.
  16. I noticed that in event viewer that the little issue of -- "Security policy in the Group policy objects are applied successfully. " is back


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  17. 5 machines upgraded, 1 laptop and 4 servers. Had to problems from 2 machines (1 server/1 laptop) because of the loss of 3rd party drivers. Server lost 1Tb drive cage. Laptop lost all peripheral devices including USB, printer, dock. etc. Uninstalled from the laptop due to driver problem. Also experienced unexplained NIC activity and loss of IP address, unexplained CPU activity, and video card problem. Have halted all installs on the other laptops and servers. SP4 seems to be as buggy as the NT4/SP6. Way to go MS!

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  18. Wow thats to bad you are having problems with SP4. I have had no problems on mine.
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