Keys keep getting stuck on laptop

Hi all,

I accidently pored Cola onto the keyboard on my laptop and now several keys are stuck, which obviously makes the operation of the laptop very difficult.

For the most cases, it is the enter key (both of them it seems) that keeps getting stuck (on several occations during this post, I had to hit the enter key hard, to make it stop - 30 sec after, the same problem is back)
Further I expect that the windows key and "alt" gets stuck also, so what I am looking for is a program that can tell me which keys are being pressed. Myabe even a statistic over time, on how many times each key is being pressed.

First though would be to open Word, but it will only show "enter" and not the "non-letters" keys.

Does such a program exist, so I can go to the repair and tell them exactly which keys are the problem.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Get a new keyboard for the laptop is the only real solution.
    In the meantime you can remove or at least disconnect it from the motherboard and use an external one.
  2. I would also highly reccomend checking there is no residue on the motherboard itself as cola or any fizzy drink is highly corrosive and will kill it over time.
  3. plasmastorm said:
    I would also highly reccomend checking there is no residue on the motherboard itself as cola or any fizzy drink is highly corrosive and will kill it over time.

    You are very right, and I have already had the keyboard changed (before the change, you could see that the keys physically were stuck) and I suspect that the cola is still doing "its thing" under the new keyboard, directly on the motherboard. I expect that the computer will crash any day, but as long it is not doing that, I presume that an repair could be a solution.

    The issue here, is probably that the first repair, was not done thorough enough and the guy did not clean (if possible) the motherboard to its needed extend.

    Can it be fixed to work 100% again, or would the best option be to buy an external keyboard and use that instead?

  4. It really doesn't matter which keys are not working properly. If any keys are not functioning properly, standard procedure is to just replace the entire keyboard. If the motherboard was not properly cleaned the first time, that could be the problem but there's no way to know for sure. When you have a laptop that has been exposed to liquids like yours, there is no guarantee that any repair work will be successful. Considering that it hasn't gone up in flames, so to speak, since the first repair attempt, the chances of success are better. If you're lucky, a good cleaning and reseating of the keyboard connector could do the trick.
  5. I have 2 girls and a wife that like to do everything with the one laptop I got my wife, despite me getting them each a laptop...
    Needless to say, everything under the sun gets jammed into the keyboard keys and mouse keys....

    I never bothered to replace the keyboard... My favorite solution for cola/juice/liquid sticky stuff is to spray window cleaner on the most heavily soiled keys(while it is off of course) and while the keys are still soaked, work them, pressing them repeatedly in order to work the glass cleaner in. Repeat if necessary if sticky again when it dries... does the job everytime and is nice to the keyboard.
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