Alienware M17x Chrashes and Freezes

Hello everyone,
I have been using Alienware M17x for two years now and i have been facing this problem. The computer randomly freezes (sometime with the keyboard being responsive sometime the keyboard will not be resposive during the freeze), I tried alot of "solutions" and none worked for me, I tried updating drivers, reformating the laptop, cleaning it from the inside, updating everything i can update.

The freeze get is completely random, sometime it happens when I am running a game, sometime it happens when nothing is running at all, sometime it happens when i open the pc and the windows is starting, sometime it happens 10 times a day, sometime it never happens for a week, bottom line its just RANDOM!

I always run all my games with the LOWEST possible graphics and i still sometime have problems with FPS, I am not running heavy graphic games I am only running stuff like WoW and LoL thats it. Again just to make it clear, The crashes happens randomly they dont depend on a game or any program running, sometime they happen during writing my thesis on Word.

The Laptop usually after 1-3 mins from freezing comes back functional, but this really isnt what is expected from this laptop.

Any ideas? Does have things to do with the AC adapter? power supply?
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  1. I'd do all the free stuff first like virus scan spyware scan defrag harddrive etc. Small chance any of that will work but try it. If nothing...

    Next update all the drivers .... especially video... hell wipe and reinstall the video drivers if you want. If nothing...

    Next I would put it in safe mode and see if it freezes at all. If it freezes in safe mode I would think its a hardware problem.

    Unfortunatly if I had to guess from what you have said ... probably video card going out but try everything and pray. Sometimes a corrupt driver will do weird things. Good Luck.
  2. Thank you very much for your support ZanderFx, I ll try all what you suggested and I will post any updates
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