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When i start my laptopt pavilion HP, it dose go to a blank page and whe i use try to find prolem, it sayes that your windows was damege, you need your windows CD for repaair it... whe i use F11 to recovey it ,it can not possible. whan want to instal a new windows, it can not fine any hard drive. when i take hp diagonstic, it say that yoy hard drive passed ok, .. when i call to HP center for service thay say that you need your recovery CD for repair that,.. so, I have not recovery CD ... therfore what should be do?
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  1. Order the recovery CD from HP($10-15). Shame you didn't order them at the start. If you request them within the first 30Days of purchase you usually get them free of charge.

    Alternatively if you have a retail lying around, that CD would work too, just don't try to use an OEM CD from toshiba or something.
  2. You don't need to buy the recovery CDs when buying the laptop. It has the utility for you create you own CDs. A practice that 99% of laptop buyers don't follow.
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