Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7 vs Canon SD500/SD400

I am debating among Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7, the Canon PowerShot SD400 and the Canon PowerShot SD500. Anybody familiar with these models? Any recommwndations?


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  1. For me it would come down to the dsc-t7 and the sd500. I would have to reccomend the sd500 because it has 7 megapixels instead of 5, an optical viewfinder, a faster and longer shutter speed, a closer focus range, and more choices for an iso speed. To top it off it looks like they are around the same price range too. The only thing the sony has over the canon is the manual focus and larger lcd.
  2. Yeah, I guess the compromise is the quality vs size (thickness). T7 is thinner than SD400 thinner than SD500... All I care for is a point-and-shoot camera and the two main factors I am weighing are size and image quality. So I don't care AS much about the additional stuff listed... do you know how the image qualities compare? Thanks.
  3. Steves digicams has the Canon SD500 on there but they haven't gotten the Sony T7 on there yet. They take lots of good sample pictures with each camera they review.
    Canon PowerShot SD500:
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    I can tell ya now that the Canon probably takes better pictures than the Sony. I know lots of people that own Sony cameras and they are not happy with the colors and contrast on them. I currently have a Canon Powershot S70 and it has about the best image quality I have seen to date on a digicam. My grandpa thinks the image quality on my Powershot S70 is better than his Nikon D70, lol.

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  4. Try reading some of the user reviews of the T7 and SD500 on dpreview.

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