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Svchost.exe sucking up my memory

I gota 710 x3 phenom with 4gigs of 1066ddr2 on windows 7 64bit. All games run at max settings and I can play anything on it. However I see that my svchost. exe is sucking up so much memory sometims even 40% of it. Im afraid that my fps will be affected by another program using that much. How do I fix this issue on win7. And will it help if I buy an extra 4gigs?
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  1. 8 gigs will games run even smother on windows 7 ultimate with the 4 extra gigs i added last week!
  2. plus with the 64 bit you should max out your ram anyways!your fps will stay higher with the additional ram!
  3. Try to identify which services are being run. Google is your friend there. You may be the victim of a malware or virus infection.
    Or, more likely, your system has started tasks that are not necessary. You can disable those. 2gb seems to be a lot, and is a problem that should be addressed.
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    kal20mx said:
    I see that my svchost. exe is sucking up so much memory sometims even 40% of it. How do I fix this issue on win7.
    You can identify what's using the memory by running the Win7 Resource Monitor:

    - Ctl-Shift-Esc to start Task Manager
    - Click the "Performance" Tab
    - Click the "Resource Monitor..." button at the lower right

    In the resource monitor, click the "memory" tab and then click on the "Working Set" column heading to sort by the amount of physical memory being used by the various processes.
  5. He needs to find out what service is using the memory (you can do that by following the instructions in my link above), and Resource Monitor doesn't always show that up. Svchost.exe is just a generic process that calls services found in Windows DLLs and one instance of that process could be calling 5 or 6 different services.
  6. That is correct - svchost is a generic process, and high usage here doesn't mean anything in and of itself.

    To identify what is causins svchost to use so much resource: Open Task Manager using the 3~finger salute. On the Process tab: select 'Show Processes from All Users' on the lower left.
    there, you'll see a listing of all processes, including a number of svchost.exe. Right Click the instance you want to examine, and choose "Go To Service /s". That will jump to the services tab: The services running that svchost.exe process will be highlighted.
  7. It was one called cscservices. and homegroup I dont recognize any of these. my spyware doctor and avg dont report anything now. but im at 37%
  8. cscservices is the offline file synchronization service. Here's a thread that sounds like it might apply to your situation:
  9. I had this problem with my windows 7.
    I found this happens because of a service called 'SuperFetch'

    To free around 100MB RAM, goto
    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services >

    Double click on Superfetch

    Click 'Stop' button, Choose Startup type as 'Disabled' and press 'Ok'
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